When I received my Topbox shipping notification yesterday, I was NOT expecting to log in and see that it was already out for delivery! Yeehaw.


If you remember my May Topbox Privé post, I was generally unenthusiastic about the special box options, so I went with the regular ol’ Topbox.  Fingers were crossed, hoping to be blown away by this month’s box…and although my initial reaction was kind of “meh”, I think I’m actually OK with this selection. I’ll explain why as we move along.


This month’s box included four options, all cosmetic.  That’s one reason I’ve decided I’m quite happy with Topbox this month — no little hair samples that make it hard for me to gauge efficacy, no perfume samples or wrinkle cream. A+


Cuccio Colour Nail Polish in Texas Rose (Full-Size, Value $10)
The first item is a full-size polish from Cuccio — you’ll remember their body butter from last month’s box.  The pink is pretty similar looking to my Sation polish from the April Ipsy bag — I am seriously loving the regular inclusion of nail products in these beauty bags!


Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Colour in Stylista (6mL – $26, 1.5mL Value $6.50)
I’ve never tried a Lise Watier product before, which is one of the reasons that I get these sample boxes — to try new product. That’s another reason why this month’s regular Topbox is a win in my books.


Yaby Shadow Refill in Berry Splats (No Full-Size Value, approximately $3.30)
I don’t even know how to estimate the price for this — so I used my fellow beauty blogger Kerry’s estimate from her March Ipsy bag review. The colour is pretty — a glittery berry pink that matches the Lise Watier colour almost bang-on.  This is the most disappointing product in the box, but I usually swatch these little shadows and them give them to Ophelia for play makeup — it’s not a total loss.

topboxmay5Benefit POREfessional primer balm (22mL – $34, 7.5mL Value $11.59)
I am really excited to see this in my Topbox for a few reasons — one, the alternative seems to be a perfume sample.  Two, I’ve been wanting to try this to compare with a Korean balm that is considerably less expensive, but is thought to be basically the same product.  Now I can do a fair comparison!

The overall value of my Topbox was $31.39, and I paid $13.44 with tax.  Excellent value.  I would strongly recommend Topbox based on the variety and value of the items included.  If you’d like to sign up in advance of next month’s shipment, I would definitely appreciate you using my (referral link)!