It’s that time again!  I’m going to try a different blog format here and update this spoilers page as they are released…this is a super-early one!   Ipsy claims that they will not be releasing another sneak peak until June 3rd, but we’ll see about that! ;) Pop back over to this post to see how things progress. As always, I totally recommend checking out Makeup Talk’s forums, because those people are damn sleuthy and usually my source to figure out harder-to-deduce spoilers.

Undoubtedly due to the high level of success over last month’s bag, Ipsy has opened up their subscriptions again and you can register without a waiting list! If you want to get the next Ipsy bag, I’d love it if you could use my (referral link)!


JUNE GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #1: Your wildside deserves a little hint of color this summer!

NYX Blush

I knew instantly that this would be a NYX product, thanks to the little pyramid design of the product in the upper left corner.  And based on the photo, I think we’re looking at…







From left to right: NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Silk, NYX Powder Blush in Sand, and NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks


JUNE GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #2 – Lip Liner/Pencil (brand TBD, possibly VLC/Pigment Cosmetics (appear to be the exact same), or Starlooks). One of the fantastic Makeup Talk forum members photoshopped the below photo and found the words “Tickle Me Pink”, so we’re looking for a pink liner product with that name (that’s the lighter pink one underneath the red/pink).


Wild with vivid pencils perfect for your pout await this month.

…What does that even mean?

(source - MB Beauty Supply Private Label product)

(source – MB Beauty Supply Private Label product)

VLC Liners:

(source - VLC Smooth Glide Lip Liner - Tickle Me Pink)

(source – VLC Smooth Glide Lip Liner – Tickle Me Pink)

Pigment Cosmetics:


(source – Pigment Cosmetics LP102 Tickle Me Pink)


(source - Ipsy website)

(source – Ipsy website)


(source - Starlooks Tickle Me Pink)

(source – Starlooks Tickle Me Pink)

Given that the Ipsy website is showing three Starlooks pencils that match up with the spoiler photo, I think it’s fair to assume it is:

Tickle Me Pink, Tipsy, and Bare (all from Starlooks)

JUNE GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #3 – J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette

The sun won’t be the only thing sparkling this summer!


Oh my gosh, so sparkly! This definitely looks like the J. Cat Sparkling Cream Palette (similar to the NYX Glitter Cream Palette, but the colours are not in the right order for NYx). The colours seem like Sizie (bottom) and Volta (top):

(source - J.Cat Beauty)

(source – J.Cat Beauty)

(source - J.Cat Beauty)

(source – J.Cat Beauty)

CONFIRMED! Looks like lashes might be involved, too…

From the J.Cat Beauty website:

(source - J.Cat Beauty)

(source - J.Cat Beauty)



You are going to be wild about TWO of these products in your June Glam Bag!

The pot (bottom right and top right) are definitely Cailyn Linefix Gel Liners.


The bottom left corner (red) says “GLUE” and may be the J.Cat eyelashes as listed in Spoiler #3?


The stick in the middle? Possibly a PIXI eye definer or similar highlighting pencil.

(source - Ipsy website)

(source – Ipsy website)

As for that white blob in the upper left? I have NO idea.  I know people are thinking it’s a flip top bottle, based on the curve at the top and the overlay of the bottom that appears to be a a flip top ridge…and I’m still going to stick with some sort of light blue-to-purple bottle of possibly hair or skin products. It’s POSSIBLY a flip-top ridge on the ghost overlay, or a label, I can’t tell.  Based on the uniform shading, I think it might be a lid…but nothing is 100%

This is the best I could do:


JUNE GLAM BAG SNEEK PEEK #5: The Bag – Confirmed:

Image from the Official Ipsy June 2013 Glam Bag page - "Rawr! It's time to get your look from regular to roaring!"

Image from the Official Ipsy June 2013 Glam Bag page – “Rawr! It’s time to get your look from regular to roaring!”



Get ready to go wild with the FIVE items in this bag!

Thoughts? Based on the above, what five items would YOU want to receive in your Ipsy bag?

Here’s my wishlist:

  • NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks
  • Starlooks Tickle Me Pink Lip Liner
  • J.Cat Sparkling Cream Palette in Sizie
  • Pixi Eye Definer Highlighter
  • Whatever that random white thing is, just so I know! OR the Purple Cailyn liner (or any fun-coloured liner, really)