Julep’s Missy is your classic metallic polish — she was a part of the It Girl collection for my October 2013 order, and like Kendra, was not a huge drawing point for me (seriously, two of the three weren’t overly appealing to me? Why did I get it then? I know…) but turned out to be a pretty enough. I’m always on the fence about metallics — they have qualities I love (smooth, sleek, thin coats, fast drying time) but they also have qualities I abhor (streaky, highlights imperfections) and that I will vilify in any other finish. I guess I expect certain things from certain finishes, but I’m just not sure where I stand with metallics yet.julepmissy2 julepmissy3 julepmissy4

So, Missy is described as a titanium metallic, which makes sense, as there’s a bit of a darkened base with a HUGE amount of microshimmer loaded into the formula.  It’s really, really, REALLY shiny, like verging on foil shiny, once it’s applied to the nails.  The flash is almost blinding on this, and it gives the impression of there being a subtly crinkly texture, when in reality, it’s just light bouncing off the shimmer from a bazillion angles. Clean up of metallics — Missy included — is easier than glitter, but more of a pain in the ass than a cream because you are left with a hand full of tiny shimmering particles that are a bitch to remove — and I usually just end up photoshopping them out if they continue to linger past one swatch. Blech. But aside from that, Missy is bold and bright and very full coverage — a gorgeous silver metallic.  You can pick her up in the Julep storefront, and I’d say she’s a solid purchase.julepmissy5 julepmissy6