Maria is a polish from Julep’s now-obsolete American Beauty profile — and is described as a shimmering platinum rose.  Maria is every bit the metallic polish – easy, thin application with near-opacity at first brush…but painfully unforgiving of ridges and bumps.  Check out my index finger and it’s dirty little peelie secret on the tip. Yikes. Anyway, you can buy Maria directly on the Julep website.

maria1 maria2

Maria is such a frosty pink that I was really able to best capture her colour by using flash. You can see that the streakiness is prominent, so as I always do with metallics, I recommend waiting patiently between coats in hopes of minimizing any obviously apparent brush strokes…and a good top coat to highlight the glossiness of the polish and to help ‘blur’ some of the lines.maria3 maria4

Overall, Maria isn’t really my ideal polish — I’m not a fan of lighter pinks, and this one seems a bit dated to me because of the frost. I find it hard to wear metallics without instantly thinking of 1990s-era Revlon polish (no hate for the 90s or for Revlon, but you know…), and this polish seems to sum that up perfectly. Meh.maria5